Colony UK was founded by Luiza Marra in 2015, having headed up Colony fabrics business in the UK for over 15 years prior to this. Today, Colony UK represents a diverse range of high calibre interior brands. Each personally selected by Luiza for their distinctive design, fine finish and unique qualities, these brands combine to provide a rich and varied range of interior furnishings.

Luxurious & Original
As a passionate advocate for luxury interiors, Luiza  has utilised her vast experience in interiors to bring together some of the most beautiful fabric, wallcovering and trimmings in the international market. Always sourcing interesting and unusual products, Luiza adds a twist of 'je ne c’est quoi’ and originality to her choice.

Sustainability & Traceability 
As a strong supporter for sustainability, it is important to Luiza that products can be sourced back to their manufacturers. Many of the brands represented by Colony UK are made locally in the home country using artisanal, hand crafted or traditional techniques. Samples and discontinued fabrics at the end of their life in the showroom are either upcycled or given to charities.

The brands currently represented by Colony UK are:

A unique product from South Africa making the most beautiful fabrics inspired by their long established and infamous ceramic pieces. Beautiful velvet, cotton and linen prints depicting designs from South Africa, incorporating traditional animals and flowers.

Backhausen’s expertise is to manufacture elaborate, intricate and diverse fabrics on state-of-the-art Jacquard looms. Jacquard fabrics incorporate complex patterns and colours into the weave, can feature a raised and luxurious brocade motifs, and are often reversible.

Sustainability is key to this ‘boutique’ company. Collections include both fabrics and wallcoverings.With fresh and colourful linen prints on eco friendly and sustainable textiles, using water based fabrics and wall paper dyes.

Made in Italy and always highly refined and elegant, these fabrics and wall coverings are made from the highest quality products with unique patterns inspired by French, Venetian, Piedmontese and oriental interior styles.

Dudgeon is athird-generation family business set up over 70 years ago in Central London. Ithas been making hand-made top quality upholstered furniture ever since.

Instead of subscribing to trends and making a disposable product, Dudgeon use the bestnatural materials and the traditional methods honed by 73 years’ experience toensure you only ever have to buy a Dudgeon sofa once. 

Founded in 2010, a design company dedicated to creating the best in outdoor fabrics and furniture. Based in the USA and using the highest quality products; a unique combination focused on both beauty and functionality, designed and crafted to last across generations.

Based in Rome, the fabric range include both traditional and  contemporary patterns. Specialising in velvets, traditional damasks and performance fabrics for contract.

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